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For 6 weeks we will dive into the practice and process of non-representational abstraction using acrylics and mixed media. This course is design to help the artist understand how to create from a place of point of view and intention, identify which marks are uniquely theirs, and work with the visual expression of emotion. We will show you how to design abstract paintings using some of the fundamental elements of art: line, color, composition, as well as value and contrast. You can work on paper or canvas, utilize both traditional and non-traditional tools and products, and learn specifically how to incorporate hand made tools into the creative process.

This course will be co-taught by myself and Ardith Goodwin, an abstract and figurative painter who specializes in fracturing and bold use of color. The course includes live lessons through Facebook Live, 6 groups of downloadable video content, an instructional Ebook, a private FB classroom to engage and ask questions, and critique and feedback. In addition, optional one on one instruction can be accessed through a consultation.

Here's a little feedback from some of the artists who have studied with us!

"I loved the outstanding, safe environment"
"Ardith and Shauna were both excellent at meeting each artist where they were and giving the right nudges to push each person where they needed to be"

"RICH, RICH, RICH in content, instruction, attention and feedback"

Message me at if you have questions prior to registering!

May 27th - July 6th  $150

** This workshop is sold out! **

Painting The Expressive Figure

Have you been eager to lean in and explore the world of expressive figurative painting in acrylic but unsure about where to begin? Ardith Goodwin and Shauna Meiri, two acrylic painters with a gift for fracturing and deconstruction, are joining forces to co-teach a 4-day workshop April 7-10, 2017, in beautiful Fairhope, AL, at the Eastern Shore Art Center.

Ardith specializes in the fractured line and approach, building figures through structure, variety of marks, and the transparent use of color and contrast.

Those of you who follow me know that I work with layers, texture and contrast along with cycles of deconstruction and rebuilding to create artwork that connects with the mystery beyond the visible world.

Although we each have unique styles as we approach the canvas, we share the belief that the soul of the artist combined with the spirit of the figure can be embraced and captured through freedom of play, mastery of craft, and an openness to create from a place of authenticity.

Focusing on:

  • Learning the basics of the human form and structure of the face, and how to manipulate each through the use of expressive line, marks and color.
  • Working with quick sketches and loose studies, playing with a variety of materials and having fun creating artwork that has more impact and expresses what is important to you.
  • Exploring the building up of layers through the use of mixed media to create visual interest.
  • Experimenting with using deconstruction as a way to create textures, shaking loose from perfectionism and making room for the unexpected.
  • Practicing the integration of new techniques and ideas into your current creative work.


It is our intention to give intensive individual attention to each student and their artistic/creative process. We will offer an immersive, welcoming class filled with practical knowledge as well as nuggets of wisdom that both of us have learned through our years (and love) of creating figures and faces.


** This workshop is sold out! **

A Journey into the Expressive Face

This is a one day workshop at Lake Burien Physical Therapy in their beautiful new studio space.

In this one day class I will show you how to use a variety of materials and techniques to begin creating lively and expressive faces. This workshop will not be a traditional “how to paint a face” class. Instead we will focus on learning different ways to convey emotion and feeling. You will also learn how to integrate these new skills into your own style of creating art journal pages and/or paintings.

Faces can be intimidating and overwhelming to a lot of people. I promise that this class is going to be a gentle space of open-hearted love, acceptance, and kindness. Bring your favorite art supplies (student grade paint, charcoal and paper will be provided)

Workshop info:

  • Date:  Saturday, March 4th
  • Time:  9am to 5pm
  • Price:  $110 (includes morning/afternoon snacks and some supplies)
  • Location:  15811 Ambum Blvd SW, Burien WA 98166



21 Secrets: emBODY

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I am happy to announce that I will be part of the spring edition of 21 Secrets this year! You can read all the details about my class here