Hello and welcome! My name is Shauna Meiri and I am a visual artist recently relocated to Mobile Alabama. My work is inspired by themes connected to the beauty and strength of women, the cycles and rhythms found in the natural world as well as the power of emotional expression.

In my studio, art is about more than just paint and canvas (although who doesn’t love art supplies!) Making art is my mission of remembrance and healing made visible. I trust that beauty is vital to our soul’s well-being and that art can become an outward expression of the inward reality that love is the foundation of all we see.  art. love. hope. is not just my website tagline, it is the foundational stability for my creative life.

Since the beginning of my journey as an artist, I have been a deconstructionist. I trust in the power of chaos, how it can take us down to the bones and into the heart of what matters. This creative disorder offers an invitation to engage with mystery, creating possibilities for the unexpected to emerge, perhaps even a portal where we might cross the veil between worlds. When necessary, it can be used in titrated amounts to set things straight. I experience it as a very generous, if unapologetic, process.

Initial intuitive marks and first gestural impulses create the intention and energetic flow of a painting. As the work continues, I circle between destruction and new creation, adding intense lights and deep darks, working with both lively colors and neutral palettes, looking to cultivate a dance between simplicity and complexity. All of these contrasts and opposites are reflective of my faith in the power of inclusiveness and expansiveness to tap into aliveness, healing, and wholeness. 

Whether through abstraction or figurative work, it is my intention to create inspiring paintings that sing their songs of possibility and bring an infusion of love and good medicine to the world.

I hope you will take a minute to look around. I am very glad you are here.

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