2019 classes and workshops

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2018 Classes and Workshops


“Make Your Mark”

For 21 days we are going to jump into developing your individual mark making vocabulary. This class focuses on developing your personal voice and expanding your visual language through the use of marks in your artwork.


"The Inspired Page"

Join me for a short summer session as we uncover the threads that connect us with our unique creative point of view. This three-week online course is a little lighter than our usual six-week courses. Let's daydream about the things that make your heart say "yes!".

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"Expression Live!"

For four days we are going to explore the practice and process of non-objective abstract painting. Through the process of using mixed media acrylics we will work to help each artist create work that is an expression of their unique style and voice.



For 6 weeks we will dive into the practice and process of non-representational abstraction using acrylics and mixed media. This course is designed to help the artist understand how to create from a place of point of view to create work that is an individual expression of their unique creative voice.


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