Uprising of Hope


I started a small collection of work this spring, building off both the technical concepts we are teaching in class and my need to reconnect to the beauty of the natural world. These colors were inspired straight out of the hydrangeas that are blooming like mad in our new backyard. Pastels are not normally my go-to, but I am finding them soothing and regulating for my nervous system. Of course, I had to add some impulsive black marks because I needed that outburst of visual energy as well. Lately, those marks have been a signature of mine. #paintyourmedicine

The first completed painting has already found her new home. I grabbed a quick photo in the studio of my teaching partner and good friend Ardith Goodwin before packing up and sending her off. Meanwhile, I have 7 others in various stages of completion, small 5 x 7's all the way up to my last 36 x 48 canvas. Feels good to be painting. 

"uprising of hope" 24x48 on canvas.