Morning Glory


"In the Morning, Glory" 24x48 on canvas $975


I have been working on a lot of abstract studies in preparation for my upcoming online "Expressions" class with Ardith Goodwin.

Back in 2016, I started a "100 abstract studies" project, most of those were small scale artworks. I have sketchbooks full of them, color studies, composition studies, mark making. Last fall I created a series of minis that I call "short stories". I have sold several of these small 5x7 "initial gesture" paintings. (You can see some of them on my gallery pages.)

Now I am teaching myself to scale up and paint them big. This painting is 24x48 on canvas. She's currently hanging in the foyer of the building where I work. It's funny, what used to seem SO BIG to me when I started painting, say 18x24, barely feels big enough to work with anymore! Saving up for some big 48x60 canvas this summer.

"In the Morning, Glory" a meditation on early morning visits to the Garden and the surprises and blessings that await us there.