September Shenanigans

It’s actually October already; I am sitting here wondering where did last month go? I do know that the calendar was full!

September started with getting these floral abstracts ready to hang at Mobile Arts Council, where my art, along with work from all of the artists and assistants who competed in this year’s “Throwdown” was displayed. We survived a wet and windy thunderstorm during the Friday night LODA ArtWalk, got out to see some new art and enjoy some tasty food.


Speaking of survival and throwing down… Here we are attempting to complete a painting in 95 degree heat without AC! The competition was fierce, and every painting really was fantastic, but in the end, Ms Ardith Goodwin prevailed and reclaimed her crown as this year’s winner!

photo credit: Lisa Warren

photo credit: Lisa Warren


We hosted our final in-person workshop for 2018 here in Mobile. Working with other artists is such a great experience; I always end up inspired and amazed by the creativity and talent of the women who come to study with us.

It is a delight to help artists move towards their own, more authentic creative voice. I have never been interested in teaching anyone how to paint like me (and I am not sure I could even if I tried!). Rather, we like to ask questions and teach new skills so that each artist leaves with the confidence and relevant information to advance their own personal painting practice.


Finally, the great paint-over of 2018 continues. If you read last month’s newsletter, you know that I am in the middle of making some big changes in my business. Rethinking what works, what I love, and what needs to go. This is not unusual; I am not timid about letting go of what is no longer bringing life and energy to my work. I have orchestrated a major studio clean out as well as painting over any artwork that felt flat or terminally compromised. Oh yeah, and began pulling apart my website…again.

I did save work that had personal meaning, that I absolutely loved…even if the paintings weren’t my ‘best’ work. Paintings that marked a big shift in terms of my practice…they stayed too. But I have at least 15 canvases and endless sheets of watercolor paper that are now gessoed over and ready to begin again.


I think about a quote from an artist friend of mine “the only wasted paint is that which is left in the jar/tube." It’s an excellent reminder that none of this work was ‘lost’; it will just reemerge with a stronger voice and clearer vision. Thanks Betty! (You can see her beautiful work here.)


Finally, I launched my new online class “Make Your Mark: 21 Days of Mark Making”. Registration will be open until October 7th, so if you are interested you can read more here.

Yes, it was a busy September. The calendar may say October, but here at the Gulf Coast we are still waiting on Mother Nature to get the memo. Looking forward to fall and a cool down!