Deconstruction is My Superpower

Sometimes a painting just isn't working. This 24x24 was a paint-over of an older painting that I wasn't in love with anymore. The re-work started off okay (because it is always fun to just start covering up!) but by the time I got to #1 up there...I had nothing happening.

Photo #2 is an attempt to get some structure happening. It was an "almost" for me. People were liking it on IG (danger zone!). It was better than before but I still wasn't feeling that zing that tells me I am on the right trail. I kept on adding bits and pieces, layering colors and marks, and still the aliveness was missing.

Eventually I realized that I had a problem that wasn't going to be fixed with small tweaks; I had a structural/foundation issue. In art, as in construction (or life!), weak foundations will not hold up what we are trying to build. I knew I had to tear this piece up and begin the rebuilding process.

It took me a few days to gather up my nerve and do what needed to be done (so many yummy bits and pieces I had built! all the pretty things! I don't want to kill my darlings!) I got out my gesso, my scrapers and paint shapers and began to deconstruct and rework, all the way to the bottom. In photo #3 you can see where this piece sits on my easel as of now. I still have lots of texture and layers to build upon but I can now think about creating a foundation strong enough to hold the structure that I want to build. 

You can follow my creative shenanigans on IG (@shaunameiri) if you want to see more works in progress and finished paintings as they are done.