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"Eliza" 36" x 36" mixed media painting on canvas

"Eliza" 36" x 36" mixed media painting on canvas

I have been experimenting with an idea that I learned from Bob Burridge: underneath every great painting is a great abstract. It's not an absolute rule in my studio, but right now I am liking the results. I love building upon that foundation, even if none of it ends up being visible in the end.

As I grow into my life as an artist (and heal as a human being) I am not so quick to swallow every bit of information from teachers and healers anymore. I am choosing discernment and experimentation over the absolutes that I have been taught. Some of the advice I was given as a baby artist was devastatingly wrong for me and I am still unraveling the effects. At this point, any teacher or healer who approaches with "my way or the highway" is quickly shown the door. 

As well, when I teach a workshop, I want the artists who study with me to have the freedom to say "oh hell no" to my suggestions and run with their own knowings. I am happy to share what works for me, but prefer standing in the atmosphere of working together to figure it out rather than being perched on a hill in a position of bossy authority.

This painting was built on top of a very colorful abstract and I am super pleased with the way she turned out. You can see more details here on my gallery page.