Studio Updates for June

Here are some updates on what is happening in my studio this week!

Remember this painting? Finally finished! This painting has such a presence of love and intimacy, I love to imagine them whispering secrets together and pondering all that has happened and all that is to come. It sold on Facebook before I even got a chance to post it in my gallery...woo! As usually happens, someone just knew that this painting belonged to her. So grateful for the people who love my art and bring it into their homes. 

Still continuing on with my "Expressive Faces and Figures" class with Pauline Agnew. This class is rocking in my world. These are some color studies that I have been playing with. When I started out as an intuitive painter, I didn't really care much about mixing colors or do much thinking about color theory (yawn). I loved to just grab a color that called to me and go! I still operate on that instinct a lot and sometimes it really creates something unexpected and great. Lately though I am drawn in by the different shades and tones to be had when I blend and mix. Who knew what a luscious dark color you could get by mixing Ultramarine Blue and Van Dyck Brown Hue? Or that same blue mixed with Pyrrole Orange? Yum!  

More face favorite! These were created with vine charcoal on mixed media paper. Looking to find shapes and create contrast. My final paintings have rarely had this type of detail before, I am still playing around to see how this gets integrated into my bigger work. 

This is a light study using an old photo of Rembrandt's wife which I completely re-worked but tried to hold onto the classic "Rembrandt lighting".  Love how this study turned out! 

There are a few more pieces that I have been working on, mostly (you guessed it) face and lighting studies. I am looking forward to taking what I have learned here and integrating it into some larger paintings. I am always looking for that balance between following my intuition and impulses and thinking about what creates an exciting and beautiful piece of artwork. Shifting between developing skills and just letting loose! 

I am getting ready for the Lake Oswego Art Festival at the end of the month, hope to have several pieces ready to show. If you want to follow what I am up to in the studio (with some lovely Pacific Northwest scenery thrown into the mix!), you can always find me here on Instagram or here on Facebook.