Marking the Losses

"This is the world we live in, it is a world with a lot of crosses. I would like to spend my life doing something about that." - Eugene Peterson

I started this painting a couple of weeks ago in response to some personal losses that needed acknowledgment and tending. Then came the news about the Stanford rapist sentencing. Absolute outrage. Young women being burned to death for refusing to submit to sex trafficking. Fury and heart-rending grief. On Sunday, a shooting that left 49 people dead. Assault rifles, mental illness and hate coming together in a storm of violence. More loss, more pain, death.

I am a praying woman and here's the question I am asking...what am I to do now? But before I can move ahead, I have been taking the advice of one of my elders Dr.Clarissa Pinkola Estes and marking the losses, the crosses, the places that a death has occurred. Lamenting and putting my questions and my frustrations and pain on this canvas. It is holding a lot right now. 

It can't stop here. Lamenting and howling are for a season and I know that they must open the door to 'what now'. Art, love, hope is not just a tagline for is part of my foundation. So what action will be called for next? I don't know, but I am trying to trust that the work will lead me forward.