Back in the Studio

Finally back in the studio after getting my website launched. I have been immersed in tons of sketching, palette studies and explorations.  

Sometimes my mind wants to go off about how these smaller works and studies on paper aren't very productive. Yes, yes... I hear that noise. But they actually DO teach me a great deal and what I learn eventually (we hope) shows up as better paintings.

That said, it is so important that I be able to leave my business/productivity/profitability brain upstairs in the office and allow the creativity and art to go where it wants to go. Nothing shuts down my artwork like the pressure of having to produce something. Awesome! For sale! Right away! It's a funky balancing act, being both a creative and an entrepreneur. Some days I get it all crossed up. Lately I have been just putting in the hours, studying, and following my Muse around the studio as I feel led.

Occasionally these studies actually turn into finished work and that is always an unexpected blessing!  Some of these smaller works on paper will soon be listed for sale on my site. Meanwhile, you can see some of them listed on my Facebook page here