Portraits of the Feminine

For my local Portland people, my final solo event of 2016 "Portraits of the Feminine" is currently hanging at La Vida Veggie in Beaverton. 

 "Shelter" 24" x 24" on birch cradle panel $425

"Shelter" 24" x 24" on birch cradle panel $425

I have several new pieces as well as a few old favorites in a variety of price ranges and sizes.

 "After The Show" 12" x 24" on plywood cradle box $250

"After The Show" 12" x 24" on plywood cradle box $250

 "Blue Stone Sister" framed to 16" x 20" $195

"Blue Stone Sister" framed to 16" x 20" $195

Lots of beautiful art and some delicious vegan food! The show will be up until Sunday November 28th. I hope you will come by and bring your friends! 

100 Abstract Studies

Since taking a workshop this summer, I have playing around and experimenting with painting abstracts. One of the ways I practice is by creating small studies nearly everyday. My goal is to create 100 of these small works...I am currently up to 32! Here are a few examples from one of my sketchbooks:

Some turn out interesting and some become just a mess. It has been so freeing to not worry about making 'ugly' paintings and just practice new ideas, study color combinations and make expressive marks. I love what one of my teachers (Nancy Hillis) said about this, that what we call ugly might be something new trying to be born. And so funny too, some of what I didn't like at all, other people loved. Ah the beauty of art... 

Taking this attitude into the studio has helped me to relax, trust, and put a little fun back into going to work. As I have been transitioning from a purely intuitive/creative process painter into studying technique, color theory, composition etc I can find myself trying to make art in the 'right' way. Sometimes this causes a) me to get uptight and b) the work to suck. Learning to integrate what I am studying with my own intuition and creative spirit is an ongoing process.

I took some of this creative experimentation out for a spin on these two paintings. Both will be heading off to the Oregon Society of Artists November "200 for under $200" show. Every painting in the show is 12"x12" on a 2" wood cradle panel. All they need now are titles!


Learning the Ropes

My "Portraits of the Feminine" collection is up at Cha Cha Cha in NE Portland (on Fremont). This was the first time I have ever had a solo event, so there were a lot of things to learn. I had recently sold several paintings so there was a short scramble to find a collection that felt cohesive. It seemed that for every item on the to-do list we completed, two more took its place. Hanging hardware and set-up. About me page to write. Painting information cards. Sales paperwork...pretty much everything created from scratch. There were some cranky days and late nights in our house and we learned so many things, including when it was time to take a break!

Since the show has been up, the response of the wait staff at the restaurant has been amazing. I have been moved by their sharing how good it feels to have my art in the space and the genuine comments about their connections to the work. My friends are stopping by and their responses have been so encouraging and thoughtful. This is why I love putting my work out into the world. I get reminded about how the paintings sing their songs of hope, love and connection and that gets felt in a meaningful way by the people who see it. 

Here are some photos, some aren't too clear...the lighting in the restaurant is great for eating and drinking but a little tough on photography! If you want to take a closer look at the paintings, there are better photos in my gallery section.


Here is my partner working late into the night to be sure that everything is hung safely and cleanly...this is what love looks like late on a Sunday night!

This is still one of my favorite paintings. I am thinking about creating a series of work about Mary/Our Mother in the near future. 

Finally figured out a way to hang these two paintings which were originally created on flat canvas boards. I like the solution we came up with. The piece on the left was created after the Paris bombings, I needed a place to put all my sadness. 

And here is my artist statement. I always had this idea that I would someday create a final version of this and I would never have to work on it again! But I have finally figured out that...like the artist herself...this will always be a work in progress.  

If you live in the Portland area, I would love it if you stopped by to have some tasty food and drink and take a look at the art. It will be up through Labor Day weekend.