about shauna


Shauna Meiri is a contemporary artist recently relocated from the Pacific Northwest to the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Her creative journey began in 2002 when she discovered intuitive art as a tool to help in healing from PTSD and depression. For the past four years she has been working full-time as a self-taught artist, as well as teaching classes that integrate "how-to" training with her belief in the healing potential of creative expression. While she continues to study and develop her technical skills, intuition, healing and spiritual connection remain at the center of her artistic focus. 

She has participated in multiple invitational group and solo shows in the Portland metro and Southwest Washington area. 

Outside the studio, she can often be found searching the sky for birds, hanging out with the trees or near the ocean, watching stock car racing, and occasionally doing research in hopes of finding the perfect margarita. 


in our life there is a single color, as on on an artist palette which provides the meaning of life and art. it is the color of love.
— marc chagall

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